Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A prediction...

Recently I have been watching the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs interview. It is interesting (a couple years later) to see how some of their technology prediction have panned out. Bill Gates has been (and is still) very excited about having a video/touchscreen interface on furniture surfaces around your house. I have always been skeptical of this; there is something old-timey and rustic feeling that makes non-office furniture appealing. I don't see the merging of technology and furniture being consumed by the masses. Steve Jobs was much less specific about what the next step of technology which is very consistent with Apple's secretiveness, and probably wise too.

Funny how while Bill Gates was touting the tablet as the tech device he would be carrying around in the future, Steve Jobs said nothing about tablets. Two years later, Apple releases the iPad. I wonder if Bill Gates will purchase one and carry it around as he predicted.

I'd like to offer a prediction after hearing a report today. I believe that cell phone providers will deprecate the model of selling phone-call minutes and sell only data plans. At first I thought the politics of the wireless industry would prevent this next vital step from happening any time soon. But after hearing how Verizon is allowing free minutes via Skype over their data plan, I now see how much wireless carriers are thinking outside of the box to stay competitive. This also comes amongst the iPad data-only plans.

I have more predictions too! But I will save them for future posts, so this post can ship.

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