Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why I Blog

Funny that after all of these years, I still think about this blog now and then--especially when ideas for posts crop up.  Then inevitably I get distracted by something else and time continues to go by without doing any writing.  And here we are, several years later.  So before I write about any of the ideas I have been considering blogging about, I will make a statement that could just help me get back into it:

I am blogging for myself, not for other people.  However, other people might find my posts entertaining or useful.

If I have this (by definition!) selfish mentality, maybe it will help me post more frequently.  Maybe it will remove the pressure of only writing on-topic items with perfect grammar that will build up a following.  Maybe it will reinforce that blogging is something useful for me--whether it is making little posts to remind myself things, reflecting over something that is technically interesting, or just free-writing for the pure fun of it.

As I was proof reading this above paragraphs I thought of another statement that might help:

Blogging is better for me than social media.

I have been focusing on being healthier for the past several months; and part of that is trying to avoid zoning out while scrolling through social media and news on the couch while the time just ticks by.  Replacing the zoning with meditation and getting into Zen Buddhism has helped, but I think blogging could also be a solid alternative as well.

So with that said... I will give this another shot with a new perspective.

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